Teaching Kit

Webmaking with library patrons

This teaching kit introduces librarians to webmaking activities they can put to use in branches or their communities to engage patrons to learn about the web.

Made by Karen Smith


Do you have patrons in your community who want to enhance their web literacy skills, or learn to design a website? This teaching kit provides introductory activities that may be suitable for patrons ages 7-70+ to learn basic hypertext markup language (HTML) and other skills for composing for the web which are a part of Mozilla's web literacy map. This kit is designed to introduce librarians to activities they can put to use in their communities. This kit contains offline activities using sticky notes and markers, as well as computer-based activities.

Learning objectives

What specific skills will participants learn in for composing for the web?

  • Identifying and using HTML tags
  • Inserting hyperlinks into a web page
  • Embedding images into a web page
  • Remixing a web page appropriate to the medium/genre


  1. Spectogram Icebreaker
  2. Human HTML tag puzzle
  3. Hack your library website with X-Ray Goggles
  4. Remix a poster with Mozilla Thimble (Beginner Project)
  5. Remix a book cover with Mozilla Thimble (Intermediate Project)

Assessment and review

How can your patrons assess and reflect on their work once it's complete?

  • Discussion questions:
  • What is HTML?
  • How do HTML tags work?
  • Peer assessment: have patrons complete a gallery walk to provide feedback on each other's work. Further info provided with activities.

Assessment criteria

A check-list of criteria, or things to look for in a great completed project?

  • Awareness of a range of HTML tags
  • Use of suitable HTML tags for the genre/medium
  • Successful creation of hyperlinks


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What you'll make together


Some of the activities require sticky notes and markers. Most of these activities require a computer and internet access.

Additional Resources

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