Teaching Kit

Anonymizer Badge Prototype

In this tutorial you will learn about personally identifiable information and HTML.

Made by Karen Smith


If someone were to find out your eye colour, school's name, and favourite sport, could they figure out who you are? Are these pieces of information personal to you? The term personally identifiable information (PII) is often used to refer to pieces of information that can identify a person, with or without other pieces of information. In this teaching kit we will work on anonymizing an online biography page so that we can consider what information can be used to identify someone.

Learning objectives

This teaching kit aligns with the privacy on the web literacy map.

  • To understand what types of information can identify a person
  • To work with a team to identify and alter snippets of HTML containing PII on a biography page
  • To consider elements beyond the webpage which may identify somoene online


  1. What is PII?
  2. Hack a biography page to remove PII

Assessment and review

How can participants assess and reflect on their work once it's complete?

  • Discussion
  • Peer review